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Knitting Instructions 101 – How to Get Started “Knit” and “Purl”

As a refresher, I wanted to write down some fundamental knitting instructions.

The knit stitch and the purl stitch are used in almost all knitting patterns.

You’ll be able to follow most knitting directions that are merely combinations or variants of these two stitches once you’ve mastered these two knitting fundamentals.

Knitting Instructions for the “Knit” Stitch

Hold the knitting needle with the cast-on stitches in your left hand once you’ve cast on. Push the right knitting needle’s point between the first and second stitches, pointing the needle to the right to feed the point through the first stitch while maintaining it beneath the left needle.

The knitting yarn should be positioned toward the rear of the work. Allow the knitting yarn to rest between the needles by looping it around the right knitting needle from back to front. Using the correct knitting needle, catch the knitting yarn at the end and draw it through the first stitch to the front of the piece.

Remove the previous stitch from the left needle. The right needle is now holding the new stitch. You’re starting to get the hang of knitting instructions. It’s a good idea to have the knitting yarn draped over the right forefinger so that it doesn’t become tangled up in the work.

Repeat until all of your stitches are on the right knitting needle. If all of the stitches are there, flip the right knitting needle around and place it in your left hand. From your knitting directions, this is the first row. The knitting yarn will appear to be at the front, so move it to the rear and begin the second row of stitch transfers to the empty right needle.

“Purling Stitch” Instructions

Any knitting instructions will include the Purl stitch. Begin by holding the knitting needle in your left hand and casting on stitches. In the front, your knitting yarn will be hung.

From right to left, insert the point of the right knitting needle into the front of the first stitch.

Wrap the knitting yarn around the right knitting needle’s tip, cross the two needles, and hang in front once again.

Slide the right knitting needle down and back through the old stitch, passing the new loop of knitting yarn from front to back.

Remove the old stitch from the knitting needle on the left.

If you followed the knitting instructions, you should now have a purl stitch on the right knitting needle with the yarn hanging in the front once more.

Repeat until all of your stitches are on the right knitting needle. To begin the next row, count the stitches to make sure you haven’t dropped any and flip the work around, holding the knitting needle with the stitches on in your left hand.

I hope you were able to follow along with my simple knitting instructions.

Image text: "Knitting Instructions - How to Get Started".