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We specialize in patent and intellectual property practice. We provide inventors with affordable patent legal services and ensure their IP rights are protected before commercialization or publication.   

Principal:  K Karel Lambert ,MS, MT(ASCP), US RPA
US Patent Bar No. 51,912:
Inventor - 9 US Patents;
Scientific publications - 20

Intellectual Property Specialist since 1996. 

For 20 years, Lambert's scientific and engineering career spanned academia and industry. He was the principal inventor (product and process) on two commercialized products from start-up to market [Tocosol, and Optison].  Optison is now marketed worldwide by Amersham Imaging.  Lambert also invented and helped engineer the manufacturing processes for these two IV products. He helped discover and investigate two human genes, lead a chemical synthesis team, designed clinical diagnostics and medical devices, organic and inorganic nanoparticles, and now specializes in intellectual property issues in selected technology areas. He draws on experience in Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Laboratory Clinical Pathology, Nutraceuticals, Pharma-ceuticals, Molecular Biology and Microbiology.  His focus is on helping Inventors succeed at and beyond the patent office (see link Why Patent?).  Lambert advocates  mentoring and self-empowerment first, and direct service where prudent. Lambert is a registered Patent Agent, and is fully licensed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Lambert joined the Patent Bar in 2002.  Call for a free consultation. 

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Sample patents: MechanicalPharma / Chem / Process.


Professional Interests:  Principal areas of practice include Consumer Items, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Microbiology, including process patents. 

Mr Lambert currently serves on the Patent Legislation Advisory Committee of the WBBA. 

FAQ: All matters are handled by this office with complete confidentiality.  US 37 USC Section 10.20 et seq. governs the conduct of bar-registered patent professionals.  in particular, see Section 10.57.

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Phone:   206 949-1168 Seattle
EMail: KLambert@4iPT.com
Vcard: KLambert
Office: 316 Maynard Ave S,
Ste 112B, Seattle WA 98104
[In Chinatown]
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