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Our goals are absolutely straightforward - ONE, to add value to your  intellectual  property;  TWO, to get you a patent at a reasonable cost; and THREE, to be as committed and as knowledgeable about your technology as your own "in-house" IP professional would be.

What we do:

We specialize in patent and IP services for Inventors and assignees, including:

      Consulting on global IP Strategy

We research and advise on intellectual property goals, and assist with  referrals for other legal, engineering and invention development services.

From us, you'll receive personal attention and over-the-top service that cannot be matched.  Whether your goal is starting a business, selling an invention, or professional advancement, calls from Inventors to talk Science or Business are always welcome!

What we do not do:

We do not provide invention marketing, general law, contract law, trademark law, or litigation services, although we will advise inventors and assist with referrals.  We believe that your first action should be to obtain full ownership of your IP right, and then leverage that to achieve full VALUE for your invention. Therefore, our full attention is on establishing the legal claims ("res") you need to securely license, partner or commercialize your inventions. 

In our shop, there is no pressure to make book on billable hours.  We make IP affordable.

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